“It was well paid!” : Sloane makes an improbable revelation, she sang an ultra famous saucy tube!

Sloane made a major revelation on the set of “Chez Jordan”. The 65-year-old singer confided that she was the interpreter of a well-known and damn vulgar hit… But it brought her a lot of money.

Notice to those who have already sung the chorus of The big cock in Dudule in their younger years… Singer Sloane has an incredible revelation for you! It is she who put her voice on the song at its debut ! When she landed in the studio to record her first album, no one had warned her that they would be songs from the guardhouse. “I’m going to confess something to you, I never said it. I am the singer of a bawdy song! ‘La grosse Bite a Dudule’ is me, it was well paid and suddenly I recorded bawdy songs, and I did all the roles of madam mother“, she confided without filter in the show At Jordan’s, on the set of Jordan De Luxe. This will surprise more than one!

Sloane: this song that she did not want to sing despite her contract

It was only after listening to the studio recordings that Sloane realized the nature of the songs on which she had put her voice. “I said to myself: ‘How am I going to do it?’. I had a contract to sing old French songs. I couldn’t leave, it was well paid and then it was my first albums“, she said. Two choices were then offered to her: give up everything and risk the lawsuit Where “do it and assume“. Subsequently, his career took a completely different direction and the artist devoted himself mainly to love songs…

Sloane and her private life: these two men she has a crush on…

Chantal Richard, her real name, is never stingy with confidences. On the set of Jordan De Luxe, Peter’s 65-year-old ex-partner also revealed that she had a crush on two columnists of the show Do not touch My TV broadcast on C8 ! His first crush is none other than the 52-year-old host, Benjamin Castaldi. “There is a TPMP columnist that I have been into… for a long time. He is handsome, he has lost weight, he is male! He corresponds to my style of man, Benjamin Castaldi, I would be tempted, he is sexy, intelligent…”, she confided in front of Jordan De Luxe. Flavie Flament’s ex-husband would he be ready to add him to his already well-stocked hunting list?

But Sloane would also not hesitate to be seduced by the 61-year-old columnist, Jean Michel Mayor ! The problem? “He has many women! He likes to flirt, I’m too old for him, he likes women too much“, she conceded. We should also remember that the sixty-year-old columnist recently revealed in TPMP that he had just settled in the South of France with his young companion.

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