“It’s hot…”: Jean-Luc Reichmann stripped of a precious asset “in the middle of the night”!

The week does not start under the best auspices for Jean-Luc Reichmann. Indeed, on the night of January 15 to 16, 2023, the host of TF1 was robbed of a precious asset in the middle of the street. A mishap that he immediately detailed on his Instagram account.

Jean-Luc Reichmann may well have been elected favorite animator of the French by the magazine TV Magazine last December, thus dethroning the one who pranced at the top of the rankings for several years, we named Stéphane Plaza, but that didn’t save him any trouble. Quite the contrary! Indeed, on the night of Sunday January 15 to Monday January 16, the presenter of the show Twelve strokes of noon had his scooter stolen “in the middle of the night”.

Jean-Luc Reichmann details the theft of his scooter on Instagram

As he left his home in the early morning, this Monday, January 16, 2023, probably to go to his place of work, the famous interpreter of Commander Léo Matteï in the no less popular eponymous series therefore realized that his two-wheeler had disappeared. Neither one nor two the iconic TF1 host took to his Instagram account to express his dismay to his 719,000 subscribers.

In a short video, visibly posted in the wake of this famous theft and where we see a police car in the background, Nathalie Lecoultre’s husband sent a short message to his followers. “In the middle of the night, the scooter has just been stolen from me. The week is off to a great start. It’s hot this week. That’s life. It’s a bit hard though”he detailed a bit fatalistic.

A disappointment which seems to have particularly affected the community of Jean-Luc Reichmann who immediately gave him his support on said social network. The good news therefore being that the now 62-year-old television man can always count on the unwavering support of his fans. Something to cheer him up. And allow him, perhaps, to spend a week a bit sweeter than his Monday morning…

Jean-Luc Reichmann fan of motorcycle (and scooter): this accident in which he almost died

Despite a very serious motorcycle accident which could well have cost him his life in 1984 in Toulouse, Jean-Luc Reichmann continues to move as much as possible by scooter.

I’m driving maybe 90, 100. A person of a certain age has a heart attack and mows me in my lane. The tank of the bike goes into my stomach, the spleen explodes, the front cover rises, completely severs my arm. I no longer have a left arm. I pass over the car and I hear only one thing, a guy who says ‘he’s dead’“, he had told in a documentary which was devoted to him on TF1.

We imagine that this does not reassure his wife, the discreet Nathalie…

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