She is moved when her son with a language delay says to her for the first time: “Mom, I love you”

Anyone who has been lucky enough to give birth to a child knows how special that experience can be. Seeing him born, observing his first interactions with the outside world, his first steps and hearing his first words, is an almost indescribable and certainly unique feeling. In most cases, this happens as soon as the child reaches certain age thresholds, in others, on the other hand, delays can occur, so that it is necessary to wait a few more moments before obtaining a result.

An example of this is the son of the woman in this story, a child with a speech impediment who moved his mother to tears when he said sweet nothings to her for the first time.

@jaylabrenae5/Tik Tok

Jayla Henry is a 27-year-old mom and influencer who likes to share with her followers the times she spends with her children and the outings they do together. She always informs users about her children’s progress and their passions. This is why the many people who follow her are also aware of the language delay of her 4-year-old son Braylon.

The little one has difficulty expressing himself and this slows him down a bit compared to others, which is why he is not always able to put his feelings into words. But in a video posted on Tik Tok by mom Jayla, something unexpected and moving happens. While they are baking cookies, they seem very amused and happy, so much so that the little one looks at the woman with eyes full of love and thank her for what they do.

@jaylabrenae5/Tik Tok

Moments later, Braylon also said: “I love you mom”. Simple and direct words that deeply moved her. The following moments are filled with indescribable tenderness. Between hugs, kisses and tears, the two have a moment of great tenderness, before resuming the preparation of the cakes.

@jaylabrenae5/Tik Tok

“I was left speechless,” Jayla said. “I didn’t expect him to be able to say that at that time. I wanted to hear these words for a long time and it was wonderful“. His followers also indulged in comments full of joy for the woman and tenderness for the baby. Many have shared that they know how it feels to be because they are in the same situation and it has happened to them too.

Sometimes, even in situations that aren’t quite simple, it’s possible to find beauty and joy in tiny moments. If then the little ones are concerned, everything becomes easier, don’t you think?

@jaylabrenae5 It’s an even sweeter moment for me knowing I used to pray for the days my son could tell me he loved me due to him being speech delayed. I’m in awe right now😭❤️ #momlife #sahm #mommoments #sweetestboy #toddlertalk #beautifulmoments ♬ janes love song – Miya

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