‘What a wonderful family’: What Eddie Murphy’s six daughters look like

Eddie Murphy is the man of reincarnations. He is able not only to play several roles in one film, he can get used to the image of each character and fully reveal it. In the comedy “The Nutty Professor” Eddie appeared in seven different roles at once, and in “Tricks of Norbit” – in three. Comedies with her participation are always saturated with notes of real humor and look at one go.

In addition to filming, Murphy is engaged in the voice of cartoons (here you can remember the donkey from Shrek), writes scripts, sings and performs on stage as an actor.

Eddie Murphy’s rich personal life brought him 10 children, and perhaps this is not the limit. The actor has 6 daughters, and it is about them that we will now talk.

Bria Murphy

Bria is Eddie’s eldest daughter, who will soon turn 30. The girl acts in films and appears in TV shows. Among the 15 works with his participation, the comedy series “Dad” stands out, six seasons of which were broadcast on television for 5 years.

Shane Audra Murphy

In October, the girl turned 25, and her film debut took place at the age of 12. Sadly, Shane has only starred in three movies so far, only one of which was successful.

Zola Ivy Murphy

Zola will be 20 at the end of December. The girl chose a career as a model. His photos are printed on posters and magazines with large circulation.

Bella Zahra Murphy

Bella is 17 years old. She is the last daughter of Eddie’s first marriage to Nicole Mitchell. The girl was just over three years old when her parents filed for divorce.

Angel Iris Murphy-Brown

The girl is 12 years old. She was born thanks to the romance between Murphy and singer Melanie Brown. Eddie did not recognize her as his daughter, but paternity was quickly confirmed by DNA testing.

Izzy Una Murphy

Izzy turned three in May. His mother is model Paige Butcher, with whom Murphy has had a relationship for over 7 years.

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