What beauties: what actor Bruce Willis’ five daughters look like

bruce Willis has 64 years. The fame him has worth the role da policeman heroic in five parts of die Hard, good that in her youth Iactor have mastered them pictures comic and play in them productions theatrical not the more famous. Now, bruce is request and popular, and his fees to them movies have a lot of zeros at the end. La of the latest works with the participation of Willis was the filmMotherless brooklyn“, in which he has obtained the role da crook appointed Frank. The first of film is planned the 1st november of that year.

bruce Willis is todaytoday married to model Emma Heming. the couple has had of them girls. Of his first wedding, bruce has Again three girls.

Rumor Glenn Willis

Glenn is the daughter Elder of bruce Willis and Half Moore. The daughter has 31 years, she is actress. She has of numerous roles minors and many roles main. Recently, the filmHe was a times at Hollywoodis got out, where Rumor has had the chance of work on the same tray with of the celebrities as Brad pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Girl Scout Laura Willis

The second daughter of bruce and Half, Scout has now 28 years. Untilin 2001, she has play in of the movies. At total, she has seven works at his account, in the mostly of which the daughter sis played. From now on, Scout look for some thing at his taste, sinteresting a lot at the music Where to design.

Talulah Pretty Willis

more young daughter of first wedding of bruce Willis has 25 years. Talulah Pretty has play in the second part of the comedyTea Nine Yardswith his father. The daughter had dothers roles, who, however, not him were bringing not a popularity universal.

My beauty Rae Willis and Evelyn Penn Willis

second wedding of bruce Willis tough Ieleventh year. With Emma Heming, he student of the girls spouses, My beauty Ray, who has had 7 years in april, and Evelyn Penn, five years. The girls love to travel and walk. They wait still with impatience the return of their father after the filming.

love reunite all his girls, their giving Iopportunity of socialize and of to bring closer. In that composition, they sentertain often, through example, at to visit Disneyland.

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