What ‘Fast and the Furious’ Star Vin Diesel’s Kids and Civilian Wife Look Like

The actor, known for the films “Fast and the Furious”, “The Bald Nanny: Special Mission” and “Three X’s”, Vin Diesel is 52 years old. His acting career began by chance: as a child, he wandered into the theater, where he was offered a small role. Vin honed her talent and dreamed of becoming famous. In the evening he went to the gymnasium, and soon from a thin, discreet little boy he became a jock, playing with muscles. The new look of the future movie actor could not be ignored, and Diesel was offered a small role in the film.

The role of a racing driver named Dominic in the Fast & Furious film series made the actor a bona fide star, and all parts of the franchise have grossed over $5 billion at the box office. The final tenth of the beloved action movie is slated for April 2021.

Vin Diesel isn’t officially married, but he’s been living with model Paloma Jimenez for twelve years. The couple have three children.

Paloma Jimenez

Paloma is a 36-year-old model from Mexico. She appeared on several TV shows as a guest, performed for the covers of glossy magazines, and participated in fashion shows of famous fashion designers. After the appearance of three children, Paloma began to pay more attention to her family and home, taking a career break.

Hania Riley

Vin Diesel’s eldest daughter is 11 years old today. She is a very athletic girl, she goes to school and takes self-defense classes. Hania Riley often accompanies her father to various events and dreams of becoming famous.

Vincent Sinclair

Paloma and Vin’s son, Vincent, is 9 years old. The boy dreams of repeating his father’s success, so after school he attends theater circles and trains his memory in order to memorize long scripts without any problems.

Pauline Sinclair

The youngest of Vin Diesel’s family was the daughter of Pauline Sinclair. Now she is 4 years old and she is surrounded by care from all sides. Vin Diesel, back from filming, often pampers her, bringing her something delicious. And the older sister and brother play educational games with Pauline, helping her learn something new and interesting.

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