He is 83, but she is only 22: a millionaire is going to marry his young girlfriend

American millionaire James Goldstein likes to live life to the fullest. This specifically concerns women. He prefers the most beautiful and beautiful women. Considering James is already 83, they are generally a good fit for him as granddaughters. Of course, the rich man is criticized by the public and accused of immorality.

He always enjoys being among attractive young women. The millionaire also seemed to have made the right choice. James held up a photo of his choice. Goldstein’s affections are firmly fixed on the tall blonde beauty. She and he don’t seem to be ashamed of their advanced age.

Goldstein’s young girlfriend, meanwhile, is only 22 years old. Liza Adamenko, whose name is Liza, was born and raised in Russia. She is currently an American citizen and a model.

Many people do not understand why a young woman would want a relationship with such an old man, who is 83 years old. Does the girl lack moral values? No one questions the cold calculus behind this relationship, after all.

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