Became Jim Carrey’s Wife: What She Looks Like Today and How Pretty Mary’s Life Was in ‘Dumb and Dumber’

The actress already had some acting experience before starring in Dale and Agua. Since 1970, she has acted in films and television series and first appeared in the American series “All My Children”. The film “Dumb and Dumber” is the 16th film in which she has acted.

After this film, her career did not stop: she currently has more than 100 films and television series to her credit, which is a lot. In particular, the actress is known not for her role as Mary Swanson, but for her performance in the television series Swordsman Outpost, which began in 1992 and ran until 1996, in which Lauren played a deputy sheriff.

Unfortunately, these two roles became central in the life of the actress and the others, despite their number, were not so dazzling or successful. The actress is currently 58 years old and has no intention of ending her career.

Not everyone knows that an affair between Jim Carrey and his comedic lover took place while filming Dale and Agua. Lauren was already married at the time: her first marriage was registered in 1991 and the couple divorced in 1993. Lauren’s first husband was actor Danny Quinn.

In 2013, when filming for the films Dale and Agua was already underway, Lauren began an affair with Jim, which may have led to her divorce from her first husband. This relationship turned into a marriage, and the actors got married in 1996.

Despite this, the actors maintained a warm and friendly relationship. Even after the divorce, they often attended joint events.

In 2001, Lauren got married for the third time. The choice fell on banker Frances Greco, and the couple became the parents of three stepchildren. Lauren’s third marriage also ended in divorce and, although it lasted more than ten years, the couple separated in 2014. Today, the actress stars in television series and films , is devoted to her children and is socially active.

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