Huge bruises and dirty clothes: Jennifer Lawrence from aerial beauty turned into a sloppy mother

Jennifer Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable, stylish and sought-after actresses. In her luggage there are Oscar, Golden Globe, Saturn, BAFTA awards, as well as many years of friendship and contracts with fashion houses.

It would seem that with these formal outfits the actress should always look luxurious and presentable. That was until Jennifer embarked on motherhood with the birth of her first child in February 2022. The 32-year-old Hollywood star loves her son and devotes almost all of her free time to him between shoots.

Of course, like any mother, Lawrence does not want to miss the moment of raising a baby, only the hours in days are sorely missed. Proof of this is the recent outing of the actress with her son for a walk.

Jennifer, with tousled, unkempt hair gathered in a low ponytail, dressed in a baggy hoodie, gray leggings and dirty navy uggs.

In this image, the Hollywood beauty and star of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie looked messy and unrepresentable. But the actress, apparently, did not care about appearance. More importantly, she needed to walk around with the child and then load the heavy stroller into the car.

Also, when lifting a heavy object, Jennifer clearly stared at the paparazzi camera, and many later noted how Lawrence had dark circles under his eyes from fatigue.

Fans were worried, because the appearance of the Hollywood star began to change rapidly and not to say for the better.

“What kind of creases under his eyes. Poor Jennifer”, “Here’s the outfit of a real mom”, “It looks like she’s not sleeping at all”, “I’ve never seen Jennifer so sloppy”, “She already has bruises under her eyes. Something needs to be done urgently,” worried netizens said.

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