Jolie, 47, in a top without a bra, showed off the perfect size as a 20-year-old

47-year-old Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie pleasantly surprised her fans. The diva came out on top, with a perfect waistline. Jolie fans couldn’t get past the new snaps of the beauty star.1aqqaqwaaa

“The most beautiful alive”, “She never had a waistline. Square”, “In my opinion, her beauty is exaggerated”, “How good she is”, “And we can’t say that 50 is coming soon”,

“Jolie has always been Hollywood’s most beautiful and desirable actress”, “And what did Pitt think when he left this beauty?”, “She looks great for her age”,

“He looks great in that top”, “Bravo. Superbly preserved,” consider Angelina’s fans. Do you agree with the commentators?

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