Witnesses recall how Michael Jackson looked without his nose job.

In his later years, people talked more about Michael Jackson’s appearance than his work. People wondered, discussed and imagined what Jackson would have looked like if he hadn’t had so many surgeries.

The story of his nose is a whole other chapter. It is said that he was so ashamed of it that he walked out with a huge collection of prostheses.

When Jackson’s body was taken to hospital after his death in 2009, paramedics were amazed at his appearance. A witness told a reporter he didn’t have a prosthesis on his nose and it was a really intimidating sight.

According to the anonymous person, all that could be seen was remnants of cartilage and a small black hole.

It’s also worth noting that Jackson himself hasn’t admitted to deliberately taking the surgeon’s blade, although it appears the surgeons intervened on numerous occasions.

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