“He is an old man”. Gere, 73, was spotted vacationing with a “youngster”.

When filmed “Pretty Woman”, he was already 41 years old. Yet young girls all over the world literally fall in love with this idol. The actor has been described as “handsome”, “brutal” and “every girl’s dream”.

Today, the actor is 73 years old and, judging by the paparazzi photos, he no longer looks like the Edward Lewis of the cinema.

Photographers snapped the actor on vacation and the snaps clearly show a bloated stomach and slightly slumped posture.

Time flies”, “I feel like it’s been 40 years just recently”, “For me he’s still the same, just grayer”, “And the figure is normal, just a little belly” , “A great actor” – are user reviews.

“Which wife, how old is he?”, “Apparently 39”, “Charisma is a loss”, “He grayed quite quickly, he was already gray at 40”.

Do you like the actor? Do you think he has changed a lot?

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