Nicole Lewis from the show “I weigh 300 kg”: She changed and became a real beauty

Since childhood, Nicole Lewis had a difficult relationship with her mother. After each quarrel, Nicole would head to the kitchen and take a bit of the stress away. At 14, she already weighed 90 kg. And because she started having problems at school, some guys made fun of her.

After that, Nicole started to eat even more and at 24 she weighed 240 kg. Despite this, Nicole found the man of her dreams and gave birth to her two children. But at some point, Nicole realized she was already having trouble breathing and moving.

She feared that in the future, due to being overweight, she would not be able to spend much time with her children. For the sake of the family, Nicole decided to go to the “I weigh 300 kg” program, where specialists help participants lose weight by developing a special diet and exercising.

For a whole year, Nicole managed to get used to and even like all these vegetables and give up sweets. And this is what it looks like now:

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