Spouses With Different Skin Colors Had The Same Different Twin Girls: What They Look Like 6 Years Later

Hannah and Kyle met in one of the bars in England, where, in the end, they went by accident. A casual conversation that only lasted a few minutes was the start of their relationship.

When two people with different skin colors started dating, their friends started arguing, trying to figure out what genes their children would inherit. But nature brought an unexpected surprise – the spouses had the same different twin girls, one of whom looked like mom, and the second – dad.

Kyle and Hannah

The unusual couple decided to get married two months after their first date. And after another three months, Hanna found out she was expecting a baby. The expectant mother was preparing for the appearance of a child, since there had never been twins in their family. But during the second ultrasound, Hannah learned that there would be two babies. This news was unexpected, but very pleasant for both spouses.

In April 2015, twins Mila May and Anaya Jane were born.

Mila and Anna

The girls were born a little premature. Their birth weight was 2520 and 2860 grams. They were very different, and such a feature in children occurs very rarely.

Mila inherited dark skin from her father, and Anaya inherited light skin from her mother. But besides this, the little ones have a completely different character, which becomes more and more apparent over time.

When Hannah went out with her twins, the neighbors were always surprised that the little ones were different and often asked questions: “Are they really family?

And the neighbors’ surprise is completely understandable, because Hannah and Kyle didn’t even think it was possible until they became parents to these unusual girls.

Twin sisters, born to parents of different skin colors, quickly became famous all over the world, and many magazines and newspapers filled their photos in 2015-2016. Over time, interest in Mila and Anaya faded. And they, meanwhile, are already 6 years old, and they have become even more different from each other!

Looking at these girls you start to get confused. On the one hand they look similar, but on the other hand they are completely different. But both are very kind, cheerful and purposeful. Wish them good luck!

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