What two sons and wife of French actor Pierre Richard look like

Now, in the features of eighty-five-year-old Pierre Richard, the features of the “Tall blond in a black boot” with curly hair are hardly taken into account. Pierre began his acting career at the age of 33. But despite such a late start, he has already racked up more than 60 film roles. The most memorable films with her participation were “Toy”, “Daddy” and “Injection with an umbrella”.

Pierre was married to Daniel Minazzoli for a long time. This marriage seemed quiet and peaceful. The couple loved spending time together and talking about everything. But something went wrong, and the couple later divorced.

Daniel Minazzoli

Danielle is a ballerina and a woman of great talent. Pierre often attended her performances, offered flowers. The couple had two sons during their marriage.

Olivier Defay

Olivier is the son of Pierre Richard and Daniel Minazzoli. He is now 54 years old and a professional musician and composer. He has composed many film scores. In the middle of his busy schedule with the Blues Trottoir, Olivier finds time to play in several episodes of Viva Sunday.

Christophe Defe

The youngest son of Pierre Richard Christophe played with his father in the film “Walking in the clouds”. However, Christoph did not begin to develop a film acting career, he took music from the example of his older brother and did not fail. His musical compositions had a good success in France.

Seyla Lacerda

After his divorce from Daniel, Pierre has changed a lot. He began to actively launch new novels, meet with actresses and models. He is now married to Sale Lacerda. This is the actor’s fourth wife. Seila is much younger than her husband, but that doesn’t interfere with their relationship. Spouses travel a lot and relax together.

Pierre Richard is loved all over the world. He sometimes comes to Russia to meet fans. In 2016 he was a guest on the Evening Urgant program, where he told some interesting facts about himself. Pierre admitted that he gets around Paris on an old motorbike and often breaks the rules of the road.

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