“It’s even frightening to look at her”: this 150 kg woman is wearing a summer outfit, which does not suit her.

Alia Rogers is one of the most popular plus size models in the United States.

Model and blogger despite her weight of more than 150 kg, Alia has been publishing content on social networks since 2018 with almost immediate success.

By promoting body positivity and self-love to the masses, the starlet was able to attract the attention of big brands and big projects. They soon became the subject of articles and were offered jobs, which they always gladly accept.

Ms. Rogers has appeared in photoshoots for various clothing websites, sometimes sporting her puffy figure in clothes that are too tight. One of these influencers was attractive in a video. Alia showed how she tried on a blue denim skirt, a pink print T-shirt and a bright yellow trench coat, with a white bra and brown top shorts that didn’t even match the girl’s full body .

Netizens were horrified by this sight. Many commented that Alia’s positive attitude towards her body was already on edge and she urgently needed to lose weight to avoid serious health problems.

Call an ambulance”, “What a nightmare”, “Poor skirt, how did she not burst”, “Hard to move”, “Aaliyah quickly turns into a ball”, “It is urgent that she take take care of her”.

She could die like this”, “Why did I see this horror”, “I’m fed up with her forms”, “Is it still considered beautiful”,- Netizens commented.

However, despite the detractors, Alia continues to post photos in very risque outfits, showing off her “winning” spots from every angle. In this way, Rogers not only boosts her own self-esteem, she also tries to instill a love for herself and her figure in her fans. The blogger is convinced that she is doing a good deed, even if it is to the detriment of her health.

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