More splendid than ever: Sharon Stone, 64, caused a stir with a mini dress with a very deep neckline

They then show their fans honest photos of themselves in bathing suits, either on the beach or at home in their pool. Moreover, even if they are not retouched, they always arouse admiration.

Thor walks the red carpet in what everyone around her calls a “princess dress,” and it seems the 64-year-old ‘Basic Instinct’ star cares less about her age and more about her. glamorous look of Sharon in her dress! She said.

And now she’s appearing on America’s oldest and most legendary television show, Saturday Night Live. Also, no one expected Stone to show up. The star was part of a short show during a performance by singer Sam Smith, “the sweetest voice in the world”.

However, no one knows exactly what Sharon’s role will be. During the song, she lay down on a makeshift sofa, occasionally changing her position. However, everyone’s eyes were drawn to Stone and her beauty.

Her small black body highlighted her figure and accentuated her contours. And the gold flakes seem to indicate that Sharon is a real queen.

The ‘Basic Instinct’ star’s beauty secret isn’t just in her natural stats. Sharon never tries to look younger.

She encourages quality and attentive personal care, but she is still opposed to plastic surgery and major cosmetic procedures.

Besides, without all that, Ms. Stone not only looks much younger than her silicone and cosmetics peers, but also younger than those “oversized” girls.

Add to that the freedom, the spontaneity of Stone’s slightest gestures and you will understand why she is still considered a sex symbol.

Royal Queen: Sharon Stone impresses the Principality of Monaco in an unusual dress.

Sharon Stone’s Most Lavish Appearances: A star whose appeal has grown steadily over the years.

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