The grandfather and the granddaughter are walking. Richard Gere is unrecognizable next to his young wife.

It has long been known that there is no single recipe for a happy relationship. For example, for some, a big age difference is inadmissible, while for others it seems very attractive.

Thus, the wife of Richard Gere is 34 years younger than his chosen one. Actress Alhandra Silva got married to him in 2018. Apparently, the big age difference doesn’t bother either of them. They first met when Alejandra was still a child. But after that, they did not see each other again for many years. Years later, the actors were brought together by a mutual friend, and the two immediately felt mutually attracted to each other.

When they started dating, Gere was 65 and Alejandra 31. For the purposes of this relationship, they left their legal spouses, with whom they had lived for many years. Behind Richard’s relationship with model Cindy Crawford and actress Carey Lowell.

Today, Gere and Silva have two common sons. The couple often attend events and are under the scrutiny of the press. Apparently, the actors are super happy together. However, Gere’s age makes itself felt. He is no longer the refined handsome man of the movies of the 90s. Richard has gone all gray and his face was covered with wrinkles. Next to a flourishing young wife, he resembles his grandfather.

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