“You won’t believe”: how is the man who weighed 265 kilograms now – he was able to lose weight three times.

Aleksandr Tesla is an ordinary Russian man who at some point in his life began to eat a lot. Sometimes he ate more and more without stopping. On one occasion, Alexander was on the verge of death because he could not restrict his diet.

“I ate so much that people told me I ate too much. I ate so much my stomach got so big my diaphragm was pressing on my heart and I almost suffocated… two weeks later it all happened again,” Tesla confessed.

So, Alexander reached 200 kg at the age of 30 and 265 kg a few years later. But his love of drinking and cooking more than made up for the downsides.

If his wife and son hadn’t been unhappy with Tesla’s appearance, he would have stayed that way. The man admits that at one point he was offended by some of the words he heard. However, when he realized his son cared about him, Alexander took action.

“I am grateful for the words my child and my ex-wife said to me. Yes, my children said terrible and unpleasant things, but they helped me. I realized that I shouldn’t change my son, but that I should start with myself,” he said.

Of course, everyone wonders how Alexander managed to lose 180 kg. And by himself.

For the first year, he only ate 750 calories once a day and went to bed before 10 p.m. He got up early in the morning at 6:30. Later, Tesla revised his diet slightly and added another meal.

The main goal of man is to avoid the consumption of salt, sugar, flour, alcohol and sweets. Alexander’s meal plan consists of a variety of porridges and cereals, fish, chicken (less beef and lamb), and a vegetable salad seasoned with olive or sunflower oil.

“I always say girls should stop trying to cook well. Men like to eat, but they want to see an athlete’s body in front of them,” concludes Alexander Tesla.

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