Dreaming of becoming a mother of a child, this woman adopted six

Deciding to adopt a child, Lacey Dunkin did not yet know that she was destined for the fate not only of an adoptive mother, but of a true mother-heroine!

Even in her youth, California resident Lacey Dunkin realized she didn’t need to get married to be happy. But if she doesn’t experience the joys of motherhood, the girl thought, she will regret it all her life. Therefore, at the age of 25, without finding a husband, she decided to become an adoptive mother and began to collect documents for adoption.

In 2018, Lacey received permission to adopt. And three months later, the phone rang at her house. She was informed that four little sisters, Sophia, Natalie, Melanie and Kylie, were waiting to be adopted from one of the shelters. The fifth sister, Leah, was still a baby and she was sent to another shelter.

” I said yes! recalls Lacey. “I don’t know why, but I was just sure I had to accept. Within hours, the girls were at Lacey’s.

Lacey instantly found a common language with the girls. But nine months later, their biological mother decided to restore custody of the children. Lacey was crushed.

However, a month later, the girls’ mother realized she could not provide them with proper care. “She called me and asked if I would take the five girls into the family,” Lacey said. I was very surprised. It was clearly not an easy decision for her. »

Lacey agreed. She is now the mother of five children. But the story didn’t end there!

A few months passed – and it turned out that the girls’ biological mother was pregnant again! Without thinking twice, Lacey agreed to adopt a sixth child. “She was my daughters’ sister, so I didn’t even have a question,” says the mother of many children.

Lacey Dunkin’s big family is doing well today!

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