“One looks like her dad and the other her mom”: the unique twins are 13 years old.

The sisters’ names are Mercy and Millie. Doctors and their relatives assure them that they are very similar.

However, over time, the twins began to change. One darkened her skin and changed the color of her eyes and hair.

The second daughter has changed little. The pale blonde was only growing taller.

Many people find it hard to believe that these girls are related. But the answers to the various questions are very simple and clear. They were born to parents of different nationalities.

And they are really beautiful! Every girl is special.

Amanda and Michael’s aides later spoke out against their marriage. However, they did not listen to their objections and are happily married to this day.

The family became world famous when a photographer spotted them on a street corner.

When the journalist wrote about this interesting story, many people began to take an interest in the life of the twins.

“Two suns, they are like us. They look like their pale mother”, “They are twins”, wrote the users.

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