“The truth is that…”: Tomer Sisley reacts and explains the end of his Balthazar series (TF1)

Tomer Sisley, attractive and popular medical examiner from the series “Balthazar”, on TF1, will bid farewell to the program during the 5th season, the first episode of which begins on January 19. He commented on the end of the series in an interview.

Since 2018, Tomer Sisley bursts the screen on TF1 in the series Balthazar. He plays a brilliant medical examiner who knows how to talk to the dead. It quickly won over viewers.

And the audiences were excellent. In fact, on average, there are no less than 6.8 million followers. Despite these very good figures, Balthazar will not be entitled to a sixth season. The 48-year-old comedian reacted to the end of the program and justified his decision not to continue.

Balthazar: why does the series end? Tomer Sisley justifies himself

Maybe you have to stop when a series is at its peak before you end up doing anything wrong? Anyway, that’s what’s going to happen Balthazar. And Tomer Sisley also seems to agree… I tell myself that all the best things have an end and that it is always better to choose your end rather than suffer it. I didn’t want to do the season too much“, explains the actor to TF1 Info.

Indeed, the hearings play no role in the decision to stop this series which pleased the French so much. It is in fact quite simply the decision of the actor. “It’s a lot of energy, a lot of time […] And then, the truth is that it is very time-consuming. So when I shoot Balthazar, I can’t shoot anything else“, he also explained to the microphone of Sud Radio. “I don’t want to purr. I don’t want to end up leaving home sulking because I don’t want to go on set.” he added to TF1 Info.

Balthazar with another cast? The production plans

Continue the series but without Tomer Sisley like the series Sat who replaced Mathilde Seigner with Natacha Lindinger ? The production seems to have thought about it. “I have a lot of actor friends of my generation who called me to tell me: ‘Are you aware that they asked me to come and do tests in Balthazar?’”, he confides to TF1 news. And to continue: I think that no one is irreplaceable, but it is up to the spectator to ask who he would see in my place!

If the actor, who gave the reply for three seasons to Hélène de Fougerolles before she slammed the door, wishes to sail towards other horizons, he remains all the same attached to his role, for which he much involved.

This is the first time that I have been so artistically involved in a project. And this, at all levels: the light, the direction of the narrative arches and even the valves.” It is for this reason that he confesses to stopping “a little death in the soul.”

Tomer Sisley and his career: his future projects

For this season 5, Tomer Sisley explains that viewers will be able to observe as “back to basics” which made this series so successful. “That is to say good humor, good vibes and some mischief.

Season 4 was still relatively dark. This fifth season will provide answers to all the questions we ask ourselves”, breathes the actor. For fans of the series, it will therefore be necessary to take the time to enjoy this last season.

For his part, the actor who was recently In Vortex on France 2, since December 27, 2022, is preparing to put on the cap of Wide Winch, for its 3rd purple. But that’s not all, the beautiful brown also launches into production.

“There, I am finishing the post-production of Comme mon fils, a fiction for TF1 in which I also act. I’m very proud of it […] I also have two other series in development and full of desires.” We can’t wait to follow his future projects!

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