At 14, Mireille Mathieu worked in the factory, helping her poor mother with her 13 other children – She celebrated her 75th birthday in a hotel, childless

Mireille Mathieu is an icon of French song. A true star, she had a particularly difficult childhood. The young Mireille dropped out of school at 13 to work and help her family financially.

She is the first of a family of 14 children. Living in extreme poverty, the young girl left school very early for a job in a factory designing postal envelopes.

With her salary, she allowed her family to move into a new 5-room apartment, which was one of the most beautiful moments of her life.

After a first unsuccessful attempt, she won a song contest organized in her city, Avignon. Subsequently, she participated in the ¨Le Jeu de la Chance¨ program, which was a turning point for the rest of her career.

She quickly stood out for her unique voice and her talent, which closely recall a certain Edith Piaf (her idol).

The rest is history: nearly 130 million albums sold, 55 million singles, numerous hits and international awards. At 76, Mireille Mathieu, who was struck by the death of her mother in 2016, does not deny herself any pleasure, except for motherhood.

Zoom in on his life.


Mireille Mathieu is a monument of French song. An essential icon of the 60s, the works of the star continue to make music lovers dance. She had an incredible journey, including a particularly difficult childhood.

Born on July 22, 1946 in Avignon (in the Vaucluse), she is the first born of a family of 14 children. His parents, Roger Mathieu and Marcelle Sophie Pourier, had several children: Mireille Mathieu, Monique, Christiane, Marie-France, Réjane, the twins Régis and Guy, Roger, Jean-Pierre, Rémy, Simone, Philippe, Béatrice and vincent.

They lived in a precarious environment, more precisely in a small wooden house which suffered from the vagaries of wind and rain. The family being large and his parents not having large financial means, life was not at all easy.

The financial precariousness in which they lived prompted Mireille to react. She left school when she was only 13 and a half, for a job in a factory designing postal envelopes. She worked very hard, and her efforts enabled her family to move into a new, luxurious 5-room apartment.

She still remembers the emotion she felt that day:

¨It was the most beautiful day of my life….and for the first time, I took a bath! It was an extraordinary sensation¨.

However, Mireille Mathieu’s great passion remains music, and she was immersed in this bath by her father. Indeed, the latter was a stonemason, but also an opera lover and an excellent singer.

She is entirely inspired by Edith Piaf, who was her mentor. At the beginning of the 1960s, she participated in a singing competition in Avignon, and she finished in second place with a certain Michèle Torr.

The following year, young Mireille tried her luck again and won the competition by performing a song by her idol ¨La Vie en Rose¨. In the process, she participated in the show ¨Le Jeu de la Chance¨ which was nothing more than a kind of mixture between ¨The Voice¨ and ¨France has an incredible talent¨.

She was noticed by the public, who were surprised to discover this talented young woman of 19, whose presence strangely resembled that of Edith Piaf. From that moment, his career really took off. His charm did not leave Johnny Starck insensitive.

The famous agent of stars took her under his wings, helping her to perfect her artistic gifts: singing, dancing and expression. Mireille Mathieu then connects photo shoots, interviews and concerts.

His hard work has been rewarded with national and international awards, as well as a notoriety that has crossed the borders of France.


Mireille Mathieu has always taken care to protect everything that affects her private and personal life. However, she could not hide certain facts, including the death of her mother in 2016. The singer will never forget the date of March 20, 2016, the day of her mother’s death.

She had a lot of trouble recovering from the loss of this being who meant so much to her. Marcelle Sophie Pourier died of a pulmonary embolism at the age of 94.

Two after this tragedy, the singer still could not heal her wounds. She had withdrawn into herself, and it was during a rare interview with the media that she confided this:

¨I miss my mom a lot. There are very difficult and very sad moments, because I am in her house now and everything reminds me of her. Sometimes I feel quite hopeless. It’s really not easy.

Time finally had its effect, and the singer was able to move on. In recent years, she has certainly taken a step back, but her sympathy capital has remained intact.

She spoke about her desire to protect her privacy by telling Le Figaro:

¨My daily life is a real mystery. Luckily, it remains confidential¨.

Many fans wondered if the singer had children. The answer to this question has always been the source of multiple rumours, but the main concerned decided by saying:

“I didn’t create a family, but I create it by my fans around me. It’s not incompatible, nor is it a choice. I travel a lot, I had nieces and nephews”.

For years, she has always had the same haircut, which has become legendary over the years. She is now 76 years old, but she does not intend to neglect herself. The famous singer would go to the same hairdresser (Carita) since 1970.

¨It is important not to let go, for yourself and also for the people who share your life”,

she blurted out.

The artist confided the secret of her longevity: she has never had cosmetic surgery, and she leads a healthy life without alcohol or tobacco:

“I lead a very healthy life which excludes all exposure to the sun and the consumption of alcohol (…) No one ever smokes in my presence and I only eat organic¨.

did she say.

The years pass, but Mireille Mathieu remains equal to herself, it is not for nothing that she is so appreciated and respected.

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