At 23, the French youtuber Olympe chose euthanasia: she explains her approach

Olympe, a 23-year-old YouTuber, suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and testified on Faustine Bollaert’s show “It starts today” about this difficult disorder to live with. She made a radical decision and explains herself…

Olympus had tried to describe the pathology which she has suffered for several years in Faustine Bollaert’s program, on France 2. The young woman suffers from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and is inhabited by several very different personalities, called Quirks. She does not hear their voices, but she explains: “I have thoughts that are imposed on me, emotions that are imposed on me.

For example when I was crying earlier, it’s not really me, but one of my alter who is very affected by this subject“. The diagnosis was not made right away and she describes very well the medical wandering she experienced. Faustine Bollaert tries to understand what she is going through, but the task is difficult as this subject is rare and rarely mentioned. Recently, Olympe made an extreme decision…

“I am very tired”: Olympe explains the choice of euthanasia

The young woman had announced her decision to die in a first story which she then deleted. “The last quarter of 2023, I will resort to assisted suicide“, she had announced.

From then on, Olympe received a lot of comments from outraged fans but also messages from haters. Very sensitive, the young woman felt obliged to justify herself and to respond point by point to all those who encourage her not to take the plunge. “I am very tired“, she explained.

She repeats several times that she is the only one to endure very difficult situations and events without going into details. To those who accuse her of sending the wrong message to young people, she retorts with sobs in her voice “that she wishes young people who have dark thoughts to regain a taste for life“.

Despite everything, she indicates that she is not closed to the option that something happens and makes her change her mind. That’s why she chose for the end of 2023 to give yourself a chance not to take the plunge. Otherwise, she feels ready to have recourse to assisted suicide in Belgium.

Can Olympe’s euthanasia be accepted?

Belgian law is clearly defined. In order for the request to be accepted, the person must be “able to express his will and either “aware“, that she lies “in a hopeless medical situation” and do “state of constant, unbearable and unrelievable physical and/or psychological suffering; this suffering resulting from a serious or incurable accidental or pathological condition“.

It is not certain that all the conditions are met in his case. In his video, Olympe assures that she is already in contact with Belgian doctors, but does not specify whether her request has been accepted.

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