Clémence Botino celebrates her 26th birthday: complicated reign, origins, studies, Miss World… Know everything!

Clémence Botino celebrates her 26th birthday on February 8! From her feminist commitments to her university career, through small anecdotes, discover the portrait of Miss France 2020, who shone in the Miss Universe 2021 competition and could well win the much desired title of Miss World…

Remember, it was in December 2019. Clémence Botino, alias Miss Guadeloupe 2019, had been crowned Miss France 2020, for the 3rd time in the history of the queens of French chic. A few years before the coronation of Indira Ampiot in December 2022, this pearl of the Caribbean joined Corinne Coman, elected in 2002, and Véronique de la Cruz, elected Miss France in 1992.

From now on, Clémence Botino, who celebrates her 26th birthday on February 8prepares to shine in the coming weeks at the contest Miss World ! Find out what you need to know about the ravishing beauty queen… who hasn’t finished dazzling us!

What are the origins of Clémence Botino?

Clemence Botino has Indo-Caribbean origins of his mother, Afro-Caribbean and European origins of his father. Miss France 2020 also has a little brother, Lucas, two years her junior.

Clémence Botino, elected against an ultra-acclaimed Miss

This beautiful slender and cultivated plant became Miss France 2020 and thus succeeded the petulant Polynesian Vaimalama Chaves.
Volcanic sylphid, Clémence Botino aroused the enthusiasm of the public and won the title when the jury had another favorite…

Miss Guadeloupe was in fact ahead of the ultra-acclaimed Provence doll Lou Ruat by a pocket handkerchief, whom all the forecasts announced as the favorite. His reign was tainted by the multiple confinements and the coronavirus pandemic as well as the burning of the apartment which had been offered to him by the committee. Despite these misadventures, Clémence Botino entered forever in the history of Miss France.

Does Clémence Botino call herself a feminist?

A cascade of jet-colored curls, a liana body, poise, a girl power fiber and real sincerity: the bright and warm Miss Guyana, 1m75 on the meter, was elected at the end of a grandiose and smooth evening according to the production of the show, but of a contest denounced as “cheesy” and “stereotypical” by feminists.

Despite society’s awareness of sexual harassment or violence against women, “we are a little desperate (by the success of Miss France) and we see that we are not progressing that much”, explained before the glitter show one of the spokespersons of the association Dare Feminism.

Asked about the critics who denounce a sexist and retrograde beauty contest, Miss France 2020 replied that the contest was also there to “encouraging young women to do what they want, what they believe in”. “Feminism, (women do it) on a daily basis, by going to work, by creating families”.

What studies did Clémence Botino do?

After landing a Scientific baccalaureate with honorsthe young woman from Gosier went to study in Miami. Perfectly bilingualClémence Botino is a student in Master of Art History at the Sorbonne and is currently writing a memoir on the history of fashion in the Caribbean.

Here is Clémence Botino’s personal CV:
Age : 26 years old (she was born on 08/02/1997)
Size : 1m75
Dream and vocation: become a jazz singer in a cabaret “like Jessica Rabbit”
His idol : Sting
His crush: bradley cooper
His leisures : salsa, music and cinema, travel and piano
His qualities : self-mockery and jokes
Her downsides : stubborn “like a mule”, she walks around with her first aid kit
His little mania: close the cupboards for fear of the dark
Its motto : “Always be yourself”!
His cause of heart: better living together between generations and the fight against the isolation of the elderly. “Our population is ageing, and too often aging is synonymous with obsolescence (…) Our grandparents are living archives, they are part of our heritage and our history”.
What grade did Clémence Botino obtain in the general knowledge test?

This overseas candidate had also obtained the best grade in the general knowledge test with 17.5/20 (while the average of the participants peaked at 12.8/20). Qualified as “little ball of energy” by Sylvie Tellier, Miss France 2020 said at a press conference that she would like “continue to be a humble, pleasant person”. “Beauty is intelligence, it is putting oneself forward, knowing oneself (…) I will remain the same but better”, she added.

Clémence Botino was also very convincing when Amandine Henry, captain of the French women’s football team and president of the jury, tried to destabilize her about the exhibition and the sharing of her intimacy: “Social networks are a good means of expression. I consider our privacy ours. We must learn to use social networks with delicacy. I agreed to share my life as a Miss, but I keep my personal life to myself”.

What was her score at Miss Universe 2021?

Clémence Botino took part in the competition Miss Universe 2021. The young woman returned to Josephine Baker, who entered the Pantheon a few days earlier, with a costume inspired by the great dancer.

Clemence Botino didn’t bring home the crown, but she made it into the top 10 and was the top-placed European in the standings. A more than respectable score! At the beginning of 2023, she will try her luck again in the competition Miss World. Will she be able to claim victory? Fingers crossed!

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