Sophie Davant ready to leave TV? “To last to last, it’s not really my goal”, frank confidences

While she is a hit with her show “Affaire concluded”, Sophie Davant also presents a new version of her magazine “S”. The opportunity for the one who recently received Brigitte Macron to look back on her career and the place of women in business. At 59, she is not afraid to leave the small screen…

In thirty years on the air, sometimes as a presenter, sometimes as a journalist, Sophie Davant has managed to make a place for herself in the hearts of the French. Today at the head of the show Deal done on France 2, which, since its launch in 2017, has achieved impressive audience scores, it also hosts the Téléthon every year. And she is also an editorial writer for a society magazine, S, of which it is currently presenting the brand new formula. Guest of the site Feminine, the television woman did not hesitate to speak with sincerity about the passage of time, the advancing age and, more broadly, the place of women in our society.

Sophie Davant and her career: her opinion on the age of women in the professional world

At 59, Sophie Davant has no impression that her career is behind her. Quite the contrary. And this is what she came to explain to the site. “I feel like I’m at the very beginning of my career.”, she also said at first. Before continuing: “I want to do a lot more things”. Asked immediately about her age – she will celebrate her 60th birthday in May 2023 -, and on the place of senior women in companies (a topical subject with the current pension reform), the host replied without half measure: I always felt like I had to prove. We women have changed. At our age today, it seems to me that we are different from what our mothers were at that age..

And the former wife of Pierre Sled to clarify about his professional life: “Every proposal comes at some point in your career, and I I go there if I feel that it will bring me something else, if I feel that I am capable of doing it.

Sophie Davant then came back at length to the Telethon experience, an adventure that obviously would never have thought of participating one day. “When I was offered to present the Telethon (…) There I must say that I fell out of my chair”she confessed. “I worked a lot on the first Telethons”she assured before returning somewhat to one of the great dramas of her life, a drama that pushed her to agree to present the Telethon with as much ardor: the disappearance of her mother when she was only 20 years old.

Sophie Davant: goodbye TV? She’s not afraid to say stop

At the question “Do women still have to prove more in the business world today?”Sophie Davant answered without a shadow of a doubt: “Of course we have to prove more”. But the mother of Valentine and Nicolas – her two children born of her union with Pierre Sled from whom she separated in 2012 -, then took it upon herself to qualify her remarks: “I think mentalities are changing”. And it’s up to her to return to her favorite subject: so-called senior women; she also recently mentioned the sexuality of seniors, raving about the fact that she is more active than we think… “I am committed to demonstrating that by being a woman, you can still last over time and stay on the front of the stage for a long time”she said.

Sophie Davant, who likes to alternate her time between Paris for work and her house in Normandy for relaxation, still does not want to hang on to her microphone until the end of time. The star will probably not end up like Michel Drucker, doing animation well after retirement age… “To last to last, it’s not really my goal. You still have to always keep in mind that there shouldn’t be too many shows, or too many fights., she continued. And the one to whom we lend a love story with her colleague William Leymergie – but which she refuses to confirm or not – to conclude: “It’s not being on the air, to be on the air”. Let’s see what the future holds for him.

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