Florent Pagny, taken for a homeless person in a 4-star hotel: “We can’t leave him like that”

Florent Pagny has the look! The 61-year-old singer has already been mistaken for homelessness when he was in the lobby of a prestigious hotel. The owner of the establishment told this surprising anecdote…

Florent Pagny has always sported rather surprising looks, from his dreadlocks to his platinum blond hair, including his crocodile pants and his adventurer boots… But the singer may not have suspected thathe was once mistaken for homeless ! Didier Vincent, the leader of the Crown Plaza of Toulouse, a prestigious hotel, made surprising confidences in the program of Julien Courbet, It can happen to you.

Florent Pagny, taken for a homeless person!

One day, the hotel manager saw a surprisingly dressed man. “He had a poncho, he had a cap, he had a dog on the end of a rope. And he was in the airlock of the hotel and it was evening, it was cold“, he said in front of Julien Courbet. Immediately, the manager of the establishment thought that the man he saw was a homeless person.

He then asked his receptionist to take him out of the hotel lobby: “Listen, I don’t know if this gentleman needs anything. Ask him. But in any case we can’t leave him like that in the airlock of the hotel. Ask him what he wants”.

But the employee, he knew that the man in question was far from living in the street. “The receptionist looks at me and says: ‘But sir, it’s the singer Florent Pagny‘”remembered the boss of the 4-star hotel, who was able to realize for himself his blunder when the interpreter of the hits Know how to love, My freedom of thought or And one day a woman approached him. “I recognize him by his voice“, he clarified.

The boss of the Crowne Plaza, “so embarrassed” by Florent Pagny

Embarrassed, Didier Vincent did not dare to greet the artist : “I was so embarrassed, i was so scared he heard what i said, I told the receptionist that it was not worth it. I had the opportunity to greet him after“.

Julien Courbet, he was rather amused by this improbable anecdote. “I know him a little, he has a look… You know he loves South America. He likes to be relaxed, he often has big ponchos like that“, he said to Didier Vincent, with a smile on his face.

When Florent Pagny “plays” with his looks

In 2016, Florent Pagny – who is now recovering from lung cancer – had made modest confidences about his style of dress. At the time, the singer, who had sported long hair for some time, had just cut his hair.

And her new hairstyle caused quite a stir. “I am having fun with it all. I know it makes people talk, like my crocodile jackets! I consider myself lucky that the celebrity press is only interested in that. I try to be the best in my skin. I even exercise now“, he had declared to Tele-Leisure. Now, it has won, a little, in sobriety but still remains recognizable!

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