Flo Delavega left France: he lives in the sun and “wanted a new adventure”

Flo Delavega, who has disappeared from the media for a few years, confides in an interview with Télé 7 Jours about his participation in the documentary series “Les Voyageurs solidaires”. The opportunity for the former member of Fréro Delavega to talk about a big upheaval in his life…

Singer Flo Delavega has been living since 2017 in “hermit” in a forest. While a new episode of the documentary series Solidarity Travelersproduced by Stéphane Basset, will be broadcast on Ushuaïa TV on February 1, the 35-year-old artist has given himself over to the interview game with our colleagues from TV 7 Days of January 23, 2023. He confides in this adventure but also in his new life far from France.

What becomes of Flo Delavega?

In this episode of Solidarity travelersformer band member Fréro Delavega explains that he would like to go and live in Tenerife. With our colleagues from TV 7 daysit returns to the reasons that led him to leave France for the Canary Islands, while starting by specifying: “That’s it, I’m there !“.

Then he talks about his motivations:I wanted a new adventure. In this archipelago of eternal spring, I write and I compose. Plus, he takes the time to talk about one of his favorite hobbies. He says thus: “I also practice the highline. This discipline, which consists of walking in the void on a rope several meters high, accompanies me in my philosophical reflections“.

Flo Delavega: from adventure to adventure

Driven by a need to be close to nature, Flo Delavega reveals what led him to embark on this solo adventure for the documentary series Solidarity Travelers. The 35-year-old singer simply states: “Many things called me, like discovering an island that I did not know“.

He then returns to the place chosen for Solidarity Travelers : “Ibiza is renowned for its party side, but far from the nightclubs and resorts, few people know that this former refuge of the 60s hippie community is wild and unspoilt.“. He ends by saying:This getaway where exchange, people and respect for the environment are at the heart of the trip made sense to me.“.

A life as a hermit in the Landes

As a reminder, the singer had decided to leave Paris in 2017, after the dissolution of his group Fréro Delavega with Jérémy Frérot and to isolate himself in a forest in the Landes. In November 2022, he entrusted Paris here : “I walked in the forest, I planted trees, I created a vegetable garden to live independently“.

In a video of Rawposted in July 2020, the singer justifies his need to live in “hermit for three years“. “I wanted big changes, wanted to reconnect a little bit to something more essential, nature, my relationship to nature, says Flo Delavega. I also wanted to understand its ecosystems and put some meaning into my daily life.“.

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