Jean-Luc Reichmann, his contract with TF1 close to the end! “We will make a point when the time comes…”

Jean-Luc Reichmann is one of the favorite animators of the French and, above all, a flagship face of TF1 for decades. Yes, but now, his contract with the channel is near the end. Should we expect to see him change channels, say goodbye to TV? He responds frankly!

Jean-Luc Reichmann is very popular with the public. And for good reason: he has a gift for bringing people together and spreading the joy of living. You can find the host every lunchtime, on the show The 12 strokes of noon and has been since 2010.

And he also made us live good times during the show WATCH YOUR STEP or even in the Zammours. In short, we no longer present Jean-Luc Reichmann which is an integral part of the audiovisual landscape. But today, he is getting closer and closer to the end of his contract with TF1. So what will happen to his professional career?

Jean-Luc Reichmann and TF1: what next for his career?

“I am passionate. For the moment, I don’t feel like I’m working. When I arrive on a set, I want to share positive moments. But I only have one year left of my contract with TF1 and Endemol. We will therefore make a point when the time comeshe explained to Entertainment TV.

His future is therefore not yet certain, but the beloved 62-year-old host, who has just said goodbye to his champion in place for six months, Stéphane, is proud of the audiences he has managed to offer to TF1. : “I find it incredible that we are doing more ratings than some prime times !

I think this show has become a landmark for people. She wants to be serious while being entertaining. We have created an appointment combining good humor, culture and benevolence. We have never lied to the public, ever! I think that’s what kept them loyal,” he enthused.

On TF1, Jean-Luc Reichmann is not only a host, he is also an actor. Indeed, the public can find him in the guise of a policeman in the series Léo Matteï, Brigade of minors.

Jean-Luc Reichmann: The 12 strokes of noon, his great success

In The 12 strokes of noon, Jean-Luc Reichmann allows many people to return home with generous sums. And this Saturday, January 21, the emotions were there. During this show, Stéphane, the midday master for 153 shows, came back to collect his check. But during this show, the winner of a tidy sum of 390,200 euros had to be announced and called.

It was without counting the little quack live. Finally, another message appeared: “Draw in progress, find the winner’s name on MYTF1 and in tomorrow’s show.” To rectify the error, Jean-Luc Reichmann therefore wanted to make the announcement himself.

Thus, on Sunday January 22, the host posted a video of him while he is at home, phoning the winner of the sum, a mother from Morbihan:

“I just wanted to call you to congratulate you (…) Yesterday, there was a little bug on the air because we resumed all calls since August 20 since everyone has registered since that date “, explained Jean-Luc Reichmann to his interlocutor, in shock at this beautiful announcement. With such sympathy, we understand that he is adored by the public.

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