“An extraordinary spectacle” This mother gives birth to her baby in the sea in front of everyone

While some women make the original choice to give birth in water, this mom saw things big. And for good reason, this mother gave birth in…the Red Sea!

With the unfailing support of her husband and her doctor, she perpetuates the miracle of life and gives birth to a baby in front of everyone! The tourists were amazed by this extraordinary spectacle. This moving story is relayed to us by our colleagues from the American site New York Post.

As their birth approaches, many mothers-to-be consider giving birth in the water to help the baby come into the world gently. This woman saw things big since the water that welcomed this little being is the Red Sea. Everyone attended this special event and was touched by this incredible birth. The images of the latter have since gone viral.

If this mother gave the whole world an incredible birth, it is mainly because of her choice of place of birth. The hospital, too little for her since she gave birth to her baby in the waters of the Red Sea.

This breathtaking moment was immortalized by the happy parents of this long-awaited event. In the company of her husband and her doctor, the woman from Russia took the Big Bath. A baptism that would be the first day of this child.

Photographed by passers-by

Touched by this extraordinary spectacle, passers-by wanted to immortalize this scene. And for good reason, it is striking because in these images we can see the doctor and the father carrying the baby out of the waves in the seaside resort of Dahab, where such deliveries are not uncommon.

These photos have gone around the world and Internet users have shared the enthusiasm of these new parents. Bathers also captured the baby’s moments with her umbilical cord still attached. Mom’s placenta was in a plastic container.

Viral enthusiasm

All Internet users agreed: the beauty and ease of this childbirth like no other is striking. This couple gave birth in the Dahab station 80 kilometers from the Sharm-El-Sheikh station where many mothers plan to give birth. “The sea was really red that night,” quipped a Facebook user.

So far, no information has been released on the sex of the baby. These photos have been shared over 2000 times and have been commented on over 1000 times. A performance that reflects the enthusiasm of the spectators of this scene of incredible beauty. This particular birth is called the lotus birth. The infant keeps the umbilical cord on until it dries up and falls off on its own.

A type of childbirth that is increasingly emulated among future mothers. Mary Ceallaigh, an American midwife popularized this ancestral practice to explain that it helped the baby to protect himself against infections, especially those due to a bad cut of the cord.

The lotus birth could also improve the immune system of the infant because it recovers all the necessary blood thanks to the presence of the mother’s placenta.

Why give birth in water?

If a good number of mothers wish to give birth in water, it is because this type of childbirth has many benefits for them. Among the advantages of this practice, the antispasmodic properties of water. So to speak, the contractions are less strong in this environment because it relaxes the muscles to facilitate the arrival of the baby.

The latter is done in calm where drug treatments are less compared to childbirth in hospital. And the baby is not left out since he also benefits from this way of giving birth.

The reason ? It is born in water at room temperature similar to amniotic fluid. The newborn can thus be more peaceful because he will not feel any sudden changes.

Only, this particular childbirth cannot be performed by all women. It is essential to ask your obstetrician-gynecologist before practicing it because during certain complications it can be dangerous for the mother if she suffers from diabetes or hypertension for example. For the baby, this will not be possible also when the birth is premature or an anomaly is detected.

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