Anggun “fear of going deaf”: the singer explains and accuses…

Anggun is starring in the upcoming musical “Al Capone” at the Folies Bergères in Paris. But the singer revealed that she had a fear, concerning her audition…

At 48, Anggun can boast of already having a great career. She made her scales in Indonesia, her native land. It is thanks to her meeting with Florent Pagny that she managed to make a name for herself in Europe. In 2022, she participated in the show Dance with the stars. Even if she was eliminated in the sixth prime, she has very good memories of her participation.

This experience has been fabulous for me. She allowed me to prove that a 48-year-old woman, who had never had any dance experience, could surpass herself and discover things she never imagined she could do. And I’m proud to have shown my daughter that her mom can go this far in the competition.“, she said on an Instagram post. From now on, Anggun returns to the spotlight with a new project…

Anggun fears going deaf: the fault of his partner!

The singer shares the bill with Roberto Alagnathe Franco-Italian tenor, in Al Capone, the musical. A show that starts on January 28, 2023. And her powerful voice seems to bother her as she reports in TV 7 days : “I often beg Roberto to sing less loudly, I’m afraid of going deaf! It makes him laugh“.

And if she apprehends the power of his voice, it is because the singer has already had a bad experience with him. “The first time we sang together, about ten years ago, I left the stage with ringing ears, said Anggun. And indeed, this time, it will be necessary to hold on for the duration, because the show takes place from January 28 to March 5. There is no question of flinching because of a sound problem.

Al Capone, the musical: what is it about?

Chicago, 1930: defying all the laws, Al Capone and Eliot Ness engage in a merciless fight until the unexpected arises…forcing them to choose between Love and Confrontation. Freely inspired by the life of Al Capone, this musical plunges us into the heart of rivalries and passions in Prohibition America. From the frenzied rhythms of the Charleston to the energy of pop rock and the power of opera, Al Capone is a musical show that shakes up genres: choreography and live musicians surround Roberto Alagna, Anggun and Bruno Pelletier“, teaches us the site of the show.

Anggun, daughter of an Indonesian princess: her incredible education

Anggun is used to doing the splits with her upbringing. His parents did not come from the same background at all. “My mother has blue blood. My father, not at all. For him, the aristocracy has no place in society. My father was a Marxist, that is to say“, she tells Isabelle Morizet on European 1. Indeed, life had to be rock’n roll between these two people with diametrically opposed origins: “My mother had a title of nobilitywhich she lost when she married my father“.

The singer learned the differences very young and to adapt to all profiles. “We are a Muslim family, like many Indonesians. But my father had wanted these children to go to a Catholic school, for example“, she explained. Despite their differences, these modern-day Romeos and Juliets loved each other more than anything, which is certainly what brought them together, as she recounts in the book. There is only one life in life :”Their love was stronger than anything.

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