Miou-Miou has no idea where his César went and tackles the ceremony: “The principle, I don’t understand”

The actress Miou-Miou returns to the small screen after several months of break, for her new TV movie “Constance aux enfers”. For the occasion, she gave herself up on the set of “C à Vous” and revealed that she (really) did not appreciate the Cesar ceremony…

The French actress is making a comeback in the media, since the death of her companion, the novelist, Jean Teulé, last October. After Can’t wait for SundaySunday, January 29, Miou-Miou gave herself an interview on the set of the show C to you on France 5this January 30, for the promotion of his new TV movie, Constancy in Hellwhere she plays the eponymous character. With the imminent approach of the Caesars, Sylvette Henry, her real name, confided in her indifference to the prestigious ceremony.

Miou-Miou doesn’t know where his trophy is

Miou-Miou says she is free and indifferent, even in the face of award ceremonies like the Césars. The actress is however very appreciated by the committee of the award ceremony! She was indeed nominated ten times for the César for best actress and won it in 1980 for his role in The Derobade by Daniel Duval.

But as the actress recalled on BFM TVin 2018, she never recovered the precious statuette: I didn’t go for that Caesar because I didn’t care. I was sure I had it. I think I told my agent to go get it. He took it, but since he died, I don’t know where he is.“.

On France 5, she confirmed that she still had not recovered her César: “I do not know where he is“. And to add:I’m going to lug it around, if I had known, I should have gone to the Cesars. Because now it’s true that every time it’s a mess“, of not knowing where the famous trophy is.

“I don’t like this ceremony”: Miou-Miou explains

But the 72-year-old actress has no regrets about never having attended the Césars. On the set of C to youshe says:I don’t like this ceremony“. Then comes back to his reasons: “In fact, that’s the principle, I don’t understand that there could be a better actress, the better actor, the better…

In a year, it’s sad, it makes you too sad“. Miou-Miou simply concludes: “There is not someone vertically dominating all the others, it is not possible“. At the microphone of BFMTV, in 2018, she even declared: “I don’t like Caesars. I was often named after (1980, editor’s note), but they got tired. And with good reason: I will never go“.

But let his admirers be reassured, even if Miou-Miou will surely not attend the Cesar ceremony on February 24. They will be able to find it on the small screen, this February 1, on France 2 for the unpublished broadcast of the telefilm Constancy in Hellwhere the actress plays the main character!

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