Nabilla: This “too trashy role” that she refused in the cinema because of “certain scenes”…

The 30-year-old mother opened up on the show she presents with “Télé 7 Jours”. The opportunity for Nabilla to talk about her family and her priorities and to reveal why she left the casting of a film with a famous actress.

The 30-year-old former reality TV star confided in our colleagues from TV 7 Days for the program she presents, Cosmic Lovestreaming on Prime Video. Nabilla talks about her return to animation and concept of this program. But the Dubai-based influencer also opens up about her two children and their upbringing and thus reveals why she does not ultimately participate in Sara Forestier’s film project.

A role “too trashy” for Nabilla: she explains

Nabilla was announced in the casting of Sara Forestier’s film, entitled Alpha. During the interview with TV 7 Days, she explains that she withdrew from the project of the French actress and director and details the reasons which led her to do so. She begins by stating:The role was too trashy for me…The former star of the series Hollywood Girls further insists:I didn’t want to shoot in some scenes even if it’s still cinema“.

And she does not just think of her, Nabilla evoking the look of her husband Thomas and their two children to justify her decision. She says: “My husband would have been annoyed to see me like this. My priority is the well-being of my family. Accepting a role without thinking about the repercussions would be selfish“. So don’t wait to see Nabilla on the big screen right away, the pretty brunette seems to have a certain number of criteria before taking her first steps as an actress…

However, Nabilla does not close the door on a future as an actress, but with certain conditions. “Appear in a film, why not, but not in the skin in hypersexualized character“, she adds.

Nabilla, a mother with priorities: her children

The host then confides in the values ​​she seeks to instill in her children Milann, born in October 2019 and Leyannn, born in October 2022. She explains that with Thomas Vergara, her husband, they want to teach them the value of things, that “in life, everything is earned and not free“. She completes:Giving them everything would make them haughty“. Her lessons are very important to her because, according to the 30-year-old, there is nothing worse”than a badly educated child.

Cosmic Love: what is Nabilla’s show about?

In the same interview, the journalist from TV 7 Days asks the 30-year-old influencer about her return to presenting and her motivations. Nabilla delivers on the principle of Cosmic Loveshe says:When you embody such a show, you have to believe in the concept. Astrology brings magic. Cosmic Love is more spiritual than my previous program, Love Island, also on Prime Video, which was about seduction and sexuality“.

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