Paul El Kharrat, without filter: salary to the Big Heads, bank account, expenses… He balances

Paul El Kharrat, who has been a member of the Big Heads since the end of 2020, revealed his salary on the show and even slipped a tackle on a member of the team. The former champion of the Douze Coups de Midi also swung on his bank account and his expenses…

Shortly after his incredible career in The Twelve Noon Shots (691,522 euros in earnings and 152 victories), Paul El Kharrat has become a member of the Big Headsin November 2020. Since then, his frankness and his humor have been a hit with (most) listeners of the cult show of RTL.

But what is the salary of the former Master of Midi in Laurent Ruquier’s program? Invited on the set of Jordan De Luxe on January 26, Paul El Kharrat confided without filter.

Paul El Kharrat: his salary at the Big Heads

After specifying that “those who are well established” in the program touched approximately “900 or 1000 euros per issue“, the former champion of Twelve Noon Shots said he was paid around 330 euros per show.

And to add:It’s like pocket money“. The former Master of Midi also took the opportunity to send a message with humor (or not): “If I was paid per response, I’d be like Jeff Bezos. Pay me on reply“.

Bank account, expenses… Paul El Kharrat balances

Paul El Kharrat did not hesitate to tackle some of his colleagues less cultured than him: “They say less, they have fewer answers and they give more because since they don’t have the answer, they lose money.“. Is he alluding, among other things, to Stephane Plaza ? In any case, this is what Jordan De Luxe understood. And the member of the Big Heads did not contradict it!

He knows it’s a joke and he also knows it’s kinda true, but we’re not gonna say anything“, he let go. Finally, Paul El Kharrat confided in his personal money: “I have an account that is capped at 22,000 euros“. But the former champion Twelve Noon Shots has, for now, “no need” to spend large sums. His only little pleasures? books and train tickets.

Paul El Kharrat, ready to reconcile with Reichmann?

Paul El Kharrat also confided in his falling out with Jean-Luc Reichmann. The former champion had assured TV Star that he had no contact with the host for more than a year. “It’s not negative to reaffirm that we haven’t spoken for a year! It’s the truth“, he exclaimed, this January 26, against Jordan De Luxe.

After clarifying that the reason for their argument was not “extremely serious“, he still indicated that there had been a “litigation” between them. But he wanted to be reassuring and assured that he wanted to reconcile with Jean-Luc Reichmann: “Over time, it will get better.“. The message got through…

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