Enrico Macias, who brought a 4-year-old girl ‘back to life’, became her godfather and fulfilled her dream of making music

True miracles do exist! And if anyone disputes it, Enrico Macias has arguments to confirm it. In any case, he was convinced that a miracle could save lives twice…

Enrico Macias is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic artists of his generation. However, if the singer met with great success in his musical career, he almost did not see the world.

Indeed, when his mother Suzanne Zaouch was pregnant with him, she was struck by a terrible road accident.

“The doctors asked my father: We may not be able to save the mother and the child. Which of the two do you want to keep? And he had chosen me”,

he confided during an interview.

Fortunately, a miracle happened in the family, and both mother and child survived this tragedy. That day, miracles were just beginning in the artist’s life…

He saved the life of a 4-year-old girl

It’s a story that’s hard to believe, and yet it’s true… In fact, a few years ago, Enrico Macias managed to save a four-year-old girl, who was between life and death.

The miracle is called Noa. Apparently, this one was unlucky from birth, since she was born with four brain tumors.

“When Noa was born, I noticed she had a problem. Her gaze went obliquely, as if she were looking to the side (…)”,

had confided one day his mother.

Because of this, the little girl had chained violent epileptic seizures, sometimes 160 a day, until she was 4 years old. Indeed, it was at this age that Noa almost lost her life, after having plunged into a deep coma.

No doubt his parents were distraught. However, they have always been by his side. And in particular her father, who decided to make her listen to one of his favorite songs, “Tous les soleils de l’attraction”, by Enrico Macias to relieve her.

Then suddenly a miracle happened. Noa woke up and started talking. Recalling that day, the girl confided in an interview:

“The moment the music stopped, I straightened up and shouted, ‘Daddy, aic!’ (put the music back on, editor’s note) These were the first words I uttered! The music and voice of Enrico Macias brought me back to life!”

An incredible story that ended up landing in the ears of the famous singer.

The reaction of Enrico Macias

Who wouldn’t be touched by Noa’s story? In any case, Enrico Macias was. However, during an interview with Le Parisien, the artist could not hide that at first he was incredulous.

“This story is unique. When Noa’s father told it to me, with tears in my eyes, I believed in a fan fantasy, but I inquired and I know it’s true. It’s crazy”,

he declared in the columns of the magazine.

Moreover, he was all the more troubled by what happened as the lyrics of his song “Tous les soleils de l’attraction” are revealing.

“This song says, ‘Wake up, life is beautiful. Even if your heart is in trouble’. And that’s what happened for Noa”,

he added.

Note that today, the young woman, once fragile, is in very good health, since she no longer has tumors, while her repeated attacks have stopped after having undergone an operation.

Indeed, currently, the protege of Enrico Macias is enjoying life. In addition, she devotes to music. And of course, she can always count on the support of the interpreter of the song “As soon as I wake up”.

Moreover, in an interview, the latter has already confided that he promised to realize his dream.

“I am very attached to her. And I will do everything to make her dream of becoming a singer come true. She is starting but she already has an exceptional ear and memory”,

he said that day.

Something to delight the one who has now become a singer and who has already recorded an album on which her fans find a song signed by the emblematic singer and coach of “The Voice”, Marc Lavoine.

Enrico Macias Realized Noa’s Dreams

In life, everyone goes through difficult times. However, we must always keep hope that one day our dreams will come true.

In Noa’s case, her health issues in the past never stopped her from becoming a singer. Especially since at his side are benevolent people, like Enrico Macias, who became his godfather and who is now part of his family.

Moreover, in 2021, the young woman has already sung and recorded a duet with the one who lost his wife, Suzy Leyris in 2008. A song called “Children of the stars”.

Let’s just hope that a great career opens up for the pretty brunette with curly hair.

The Death of His Wife

As we said in the prelude, the father of Sylvain Ghrenassia lost his wife in 2008. It was more precisely on December 23 of the year that Suzy Leyris died following a long heart disease.

She was 68 that year, leaving behind a grief-stricken husband who, even years later, still hasn’t gotten over the loss.

Moreover, in January 2021, the famous singer still remembered this drama which touched him a lot in an interview.

“I quickly went into the bedroom, I took her in my arms and there she had another sigh. That’s why I say she left in my arms (…)”,

he confided that day, not without emotion.

Despite the passing of his wife, the artist still kept his head held high and moved on with his life, although somehow it seems his wife still lives on through him.

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