“This lady was able to lose 352 lbs”: Here is what Nikki Weber looks like now!

There was a time when she couldn’t even get up from her bed

Nikki Weber from America is just 34 years old, however she has weighed so much since childhood, devouring truffles and burgers without considering the results.

When the lady grew up, she realized that she needed to lose weight and tried to go on strict diets. However each time she broke down, and attacked candy and fatty meals. And as son as she started to weigh 650 lbs, she realized that she needed to change her life.

Then Nikki virtually couldn’t stroll and get off the bed with out somebody’s assist, so she moved to the home along with her mother and father, who didn’t take into account her daughter’s drawback to be one thing world and didn’t attempt to direct her to a wholesome way of life. They even got here up with a particular mechanism that lifted meals to her on the second ground.

A program known as “My entire 661 lbs” got here to the rescue. Nikki was invited to take part in this system. This system helps fats folks and tries to assist them shed weight. The lady underwent surgical procedure to make her abdomen smaller, and nutritionists made up a private food regimen.

Nikki was very frightened, and doubted whether or not she may restrain herself and whether or not she would succeed, however her fears had been in useless. She pulled herself collectively and overcame all fears. After the operation she threw off 198 lbs.

Nikki was capable of lose 352 lbs ultimately, and underwent one other operation to take away extra sagging pores and skin, which weighed as a lot as 55 lbs.

Now Nikki weighs 198 lbs and isn’t going to cease there, she does bodily exercise and walks so much each day. Nikki herself can’t but imagine that she managed to shed weight and switch into a stupendous lady with a traditional life.

Within the fitness center, Nikki met her future husband Marcus. They fell in love with one another at first sight.

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