“Thanks to you, I got started”: Pellissard fans now want to do like them

Since the end of their adventure inLarge families, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard took a surprising turn. The couple decided to produce adult content and talk about it without taboos. If their choice was strongly criticized in TPMP, they can count on the support of their fans.

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard in adult content

Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard revealed themselves in Large families, life in XXL on TF1. The young people very quickly softened the viewers by sharing their busy daily life as parents of eight children. After several years of participation, the couple nevertheless decided to slam the door to the first channel and filed a complaint against the production.

Having acquired a certain notoriety, Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard continue to give news to their fans and have become influencers. At the beginning of the year, they nevertheless announced want to get into adult content and signed up on several exclusive platforms.

If they fully assume their new project, the two ex-stars of Large families were sharply criticized by the columnists of Do not touch My TV. While their choice even surprised Clara Morgane, they can nevertheless rely on some of their fans.

thumbnailPellissard family / InstagramInternet users imitate Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard

Having taken a new step in their professional project, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard seem, unwittingly, to push some fans to do like them. This Wednesday, February 8, they shared a message from a fan who got into adult content. I wanted to tell you that thanks to you I started on Mym I admire your courage and your way of speaking while ignoring the eyes of others“, wrote the user on Instagram.

He added: “You are amazing, my husband and I we recognized each other in your report. We know why we do this, we want to restore passion in our couple“. Amandine Pellissard, very happy to inspire internet users, did not hesitate to share the message and respond.

We are getting more and more messages like this. Thank you for your good vibes. And we are touched that our message is perceived and understood”, she wrote in Story. The one who felt trapped by Hanouna is in any case delighted to be understood by certain members of her community!

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