A 10-year-old boy lives alone and refuses adoption

The touching story of a Vietnamese boy who refuses to be adopted after losing his entire family, lives alone and works in the fields all day.

Most 10-year-olds think little of adult life, but the fate of this little Vietnamese turned out to be completely different.

At an early age, Dang Van Huen lost his mother and was entrusted to his grandmother, because his father left his native village and went to work in the city. Some time ago, his grandmother got married and left home, refusing to take her grandson with her.

A 10-year-old boy lives alone and refuses adoption

The boy was left alone and lived on the money that his father sent him regularly, but another tragic twist of fate once again caught up with the child. Dang’s father died in an accident and all existing relatives refused to take in an orphan.

However, Dang was rather cold-blooded that no one wanted to take care of him. By the way, he does not want to be adopted at all. The child lives alone, plants vegetables in the garden, and is completely selfish (although he admits that he is sometimes uncomfortable and alone at night).

A 10-year-old boy lives alone and refuses adoption

Good neighbors support the boy in every way possible, and recently his touching story has become known all over the country, and now many people want to send money and supplies to Dang.

The orphan’s teacher, who also helps his parish, has become the story’s broadcaster. By the way, about school. The most remarkable thing is that the student does not miss a single day of school – every morning he rides his bike and goes to study, then returns home and does his non-childish business.

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