“So sad at 33”: Jessica Thivenin unrecognizable after her last cosmetic surgery on her face

There last cosmetic surgery Jessica Thivenin did not go unnoticed, since the young woman immortalized her in a story. Very quickly, comments poured in… and they weren’t very flattering.

“I know I will be criticized”

Jessica Thivenin had plastic surgery, and wanted to share this moment with his fans. In his last story, we see him, looking in a mirror, probably just a few hours after his operation.

She keeps her cell phone right in front of her face, so as not to show everything. “I am really very scary”, she explains. The young woman has indeed bandages that surround her whole head, and we can guess kinds of bruises near her eyes.

“I am a mix between a boxer, Avatar and an Easter egg”, she jokes. She then details how the post-operative will happen, she who had to resorting to an incision to combat her inherited facial wrinkles.

She had specified, the previous days, that her surgeon had advised against the facelift, and that she had to resort to a skin incision. She is already anticipating the hurtful remarks:“I know this video is going to be picked up and criticized.”

“Madness has no limits”

And, indeed, it did not fail. While she specified born “not promote cosmetic surgery”, the comments, on Twitter, were not long in coming, and they are not flattering. “Not even 35 and how many surgeries to look like a filter?

Madness has no limits”. “So sad that at 33 and after several years of marriage, she is so complex and that her husband does not make her feel beautiful.” A spade also launched at Thibaut Garcia.

I have to say that Jessica Thivenin is very often the target of many critics. While living in Dubai, her choice to give birth in France had not passed, the young woman being accused of taking advantage of Social Security.

More recently, a humorous video where she shows herself sending love messages to an ex had angered fans. Not sure, therefore, that his new decision will be accepted.

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