VIDEO Don’t forget the words: Magali Ripoll accused by Nagui of “fricoter” with the maestros outside the sets

We can’t hide anything from Nagui. This is the observation made by Renaud in the new issue of Do not forget the lyrics Saturday November 20, 2021 on France 2. The fourth best Maestro of the show had to reveal to the host his meeting with Magali Ripoll outside the sets.

In the middle of the Masters tournament, renaud once again surveyed the set of Do not forget the lyricsSaturday November 20, 2021 on France 2. Faced with Lucile, the Belgian candidate unfortunately did not manage to win. In fact, it’s in the title. We do not change of Celine Dion that he totally failed. Still, he had prepared well.

“I am aiming for the bonus of the semi-finals at least. It always gives me pleasure to show that I have studied throughout the year“, he had thus confided in the columns of Tele-entertainment Tuesday, November 9, 2021. But it is clear that his revisions did not work.

However, there is no question for the candidate to lose his smile. In October 2018, with 55 victories and 390,000 euros in earnings later, he marked the history of the program and became the darling of France 2 viewers.

Eliminated for forgetting the conjunction ” but “ on the tube of Nolwenn Leroy, Broken, the music lover even receives support from the singer herself. A bitter defeat, which did not however deter him from returning to the musical game. The opportunity also for the candidate to talk about his meeting with Magali Ripoll off the cameras.

“But it was not me who organized the party”

Coming again to try his luck in the program, Renaud therefore did not escape Nagui’s questions. The host, obviously well informed about the candidate, has indeed encouraged him to tell an anecdote around Magali Ripoll.

“Other good news for you Renaud: it’s Magali. Because you were in Belgium?asked the host to Renaud. ” Yes quite. We met in Fleurus, Belgium.

There was a show she was putting on. So we gave him the little surprise of saying hello. It was a few minutes from home”, said the one who married Pauline. And Nagui to ask the chorister of the program: “So how do you flirt with the maestros outside the sets? »

But far from losing his means, Fabien Haimovici’s sidekick replied:Yes you can see it during the holidays. Besides, I embrace all the Fleurusiens and Fleurusiennes. It is a very welcoming city. But it was not me who organized the party. Things are clear!

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