Minnesota teacher donates kidney to school custodian

The man met a true guardian angel who gave him his kidney.

Patrick Mertens, a 64-year-old guard at Kimball Elementary School in Minnesota, USA, suffered from severe kidney disease. The generous school staff immediately organized a fundraiser to pay for the man’s dialysis treatment, but his condition continued to deteriorate.

Minnesota teacher donates kidney to school custodian

A kidney transplant was essential. Finding someone willing to donate a kidney is not easy. But Patrick is incredibly lucky. His savior worked in the same school. It was Professor Erin Durga.

Erin and Patrick always got along well and talked often, telling each other stories about their families. However, no one expected such a sacrifice of an ordinary acquaintance.

Minnesota teacher donates kidney to school custodian

But the teacher was 200% sure of her act and became a real guardian angel for the guardian. From the start, I felt I had to. As soon as I decided that I was going to donate a kidney, my soul became very good. And I was calm the whole time,” Erin said.

After tests confirmed Erin was a suitable donor, she drove to his home to break the news. But she didn’t have to say anything out loud, because her “Donor” t-shirt spoke for itself. The operation was scheduled for July of this year, and Patrick was very nervous.

Minnesota teacher donates kidney to school custodian

But the positive attitude of Erin, who told the man that everything would be fine, reassured him. Mertens felt ready for the upcoming tests. As predicted by the donor, the operation was a success. Both patients recovered quickly and were able to return to work at the end of August.

Patrick was incredibly grateful that she gave him the opportunity to once again spend time with his loved ones and enjoy the things he loves. She is our miracle, our angel. We will always be grateful to him,” said Linda Mertens, Patrick’s wife.

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