Actress Kirsty Elly died: how the star lived who lost her beauty and her career in recent years

The famous actress of the 1980s conquered several men thanks to her charm. His notoriety, his popularity and his money increased with each film, but so did his weight. Suddenly, the seductive Kirsty became a limp woman weighing 150 kg.

The lead roles in Who’s to Say and Two: Me and My Shadow could have been better. All because of his incurable gluttony and his refusal to take care of her.

Of course, his passion for food paid off. The first change in her appearance was noticed by the Salon Veronica series costumers. She was tortured into changing costumes and dresses for Kirsty and quickly gained weight. Ellie then took a first weight, then lost it.

The actress gained too much weight, went on a grueling diet, then broke down and gained weight again. These weight changes affected his mental state as well as his health.

After several years, the producers, troubled by both her weight and Kirsty’s mood swings, simply ended the show. The former Hollywood star has lost his job. The stress of losing her job caused Ally to start eating, and the arrow on the scale quickly passed the 100 kg mark.

On the surface, Kirsty kept up appearances, cracking jokes and saying she was happy with that amount of wrinkles and fat. However, it turned out that the actress was so distressed that she couldn’t find any reason or motivation to stay in shape.

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