Charlene of Monaco in mourning: “My little angel died”

Charlene of Monaco is very affected by the unexpected and violent death of this person so dear to her heart

Charlene of Monaco is already in a very fragile state of health. Sick and far from everything, his body bears the scars of whole months spent in suffering. Fate is once again hounding the princess, who has just informed us of the death of her “little angel”. The Objeko team tells you more about this sad news in this article.

Charlene of Monaco has been dealing with the disease for months

Charlene of Monaco is not well, and it’s not nothing to say… The Princess of the Rock has been away from her family and loved ones for more than 5 months, in pain and illness.

Last May, Charlene of Monaco traveled to South Africa, her native country. She was going to pay tribute to the deceased king of the Zulus, as well as raise awareness among local populations about rhino poaching. This fight is very close to her heart, she who is 100% committed to charity. However, after only a few days there, the Monegasque princess fell very seriously ill. She is indeed suffering from a major ENT infection, which nails her to the spot. It is impossible for him to take the plane in order to return to be treated in Monaco or in Europe.

Charlene of Monaco suffers greatly from her illness, but also from the absence of her family. Her husband, Crown Prince Albert II of Monaco, and their twin children Jacques and Gabriella, were unable to visit her. The global pandemic prevented safe travel. Fortunately, the princess was taken care of by the best South African specialists. After months of waiting, she was finally able to undergo an operation to cure her of her terrible infection.

A recovery marked by faith and the absence of his family

Charlene of Monaco was finally able to be operated on under general anesthesia, as the principality announced in an official press release. His condition has stabilized. However, it is impossible for the Monegasque princess to return to see her family! Indeed, she was placed in convalescence under surveillance. The terrible ENT infection made her very thin, and also exhausted her physically. There is no longer any trace of her former body as an Olympic swimmer!

Fortunately, Albert II, Jacques and Gabriella were able to visit him. These few days spent together were a real source of happiness for the little family. THE small family had to be separated once again, the monarch having to lead his principality, and the children having to return to school for the start of the school year.

Charlene from Monaco has finally started posting pictures of herself again. We find her very pious, bent over sacred writings, a rosary as a necklace. It would seem that faith enabled him to overcome the pain of illness. Unfortunately, this did not prevent him from having to return urgently to the hospital, after fainting…

Charlene de Monaco has just undergone a second operation linked to her ENT infection. The Princess of the Rock has almost finished her recovery, although it looks like she will have to stay in South Africa longer than planned…

Charlene of Monaco: her “little angel” has died

As Objeko told you recently, Charlene of Monaco has decided to continue her commitment to the charity organization Chase Zéro, which protects rhinos from poachers.

This therefore prevents him from returning to his family for an additional period. This long separation weighs heavily on her morale, as she has repeatedly expressed in the press. Charlene of Monaco is of course not alone in her recovery.

She is surrounded by people who love and support her. Until now, she could also count on the unfailing love of her little chihuahua, always present at her side.

Only, fate seems to be hounding the Monegasque princess. She shares the news on her Instagram page: “My little Angel passed away last night, she got run over.

I will miss you very much, Rest In Peace. The post is accompanied by a photo of the princess with her punk cut giving a tender kiss to her chihuahua.

Many Internet users around the world wanted to support him: “Decidedly poor Charlene”, “We are so devastated when they leave”, “RIP…”. The Objeko team joins Internet users in expressing their deepest condolences to Charlene of Monaco on this very sad day.

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