‘She looks older than her mother’: Audiences stunned by Jessica Alba’s daughter’s appearance

Jessica Alba was considered one of the most beautiful and seductive actresses in Hollywood. The actress has been called beautiful due to her glamorous look. However, surprisingly, the actress was unaffected by the years. She is still young and attractive. But Alba is already 41 years old and is also a mother of three children. It’s hard to believe.

The actress unhesitatingly devoted herself to family and motherhood. Today, her eldest daughter Honoré is already 14 years old.

Mother and daughter are like best friends. And fans are only interested in one thing: whether the actress’ daughter inherited her mother’s physique. But new photos of the actress’ daughter have taken the public by surprise.

The girl’s appearance did not impress fans of Jessica Alba. Thus, the girl in the photo looks much older than her mother.

Alba looks like a little girl next to her own daughter. It is necessary to understand where the mother is in the photo and where the daughter is.

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