This 81-year-old grandmother who married a 36-year-old playboy collapses as she is ‘ruined and alone’

This 81-year-old grandmother is heartbroken because she can no longer live with her 36-year-old lover. He resides in Egypt and cannot join her in the United Kingdom. Discover the story of this extraordinary relationship which is not unanimous.

Relayed by our colleagues from the British media The Sun, this idyll divides. One thing is certain: since this octogenarian grandmother met her husband, she felt alive again.

” I feel lonely “

The testimony of Iris Jones, an 81-year-old woman shocked viewers of the British program This Morning. The reason ? She married a toyboy [ndlr : homme objet ou trophée] 36 years old who resides in Egypt. The two lovers met while the octogenarian was on vacation.

To journalists, she gives details about her sex life and has not been the same since their separation. “I feel lonely” saddens the grandmother who first contacted her lover on Facebook. A case that shows that love has no age, as also testified by the story of this man who had married a woman 50 years his senior.

“We used a whole jar of lubricant”

In details about her sex life with her husband, Iris is prolific. “We used a whole jar of lube on our first passionate night” laughs the woman who rediscovers the joys of fulfilling sexuality.

Unfortunately for her, these carnal moments will be short-lived as her husband struggles to obtain his spousal visa. Iris does not wish to return to Egypt for a fourth time. “The trips to Egypt were very expensive for me and the country’s environment is not suitable for my health,” she confided to journalists from Metro.

“I don’t have time on my side”

Since her separation from Mohamed, Iris has not stopped crying. She says that since her departure she has been overwhelmed by the grief of being separated from her husband. “I’m separated from someone I love, it’s so hard. I don’t have time on my side and his lawyers know it,” says the octogenarian. Today, she complains of headaches and stress from the hassle she faces to get her husband to join her.

“I’m going to the doctor to get a letter saying I have so many health problems I need my husband with me in Britain, hoping they’ll bend the rules a bit and let him come on his own. ‘take care of me,’ she says. Only, the love she dedicates to her Egyptian is not to everyone’s taste.

A family drama and angry loved ones

The relationship of the intergenerational couple was not unanimous among those close to Iris. During the filming of This Morning, his son, Stephen expressed his anger. He even swore that Mohamed will never be his father-in-law.

After some time, this 53-year-old man softened and ended up giving his blessing to these lovers like no other. “My boys are now accepting that our love is true. We really love each other,” says Iris.

A relationship that started virtually

Iris and Mohamed’s love at first sight did not take place in the land of the pyramids. It is rather on the canvas that the magic has operated. The lovers made contact on a network group that deals with atheism. After weeks of discussion, Iris flies to Egypt. “We slept together a few hours after our meeting,” she says.

After the immediate crush, Mohamed gave up his job as a survey inspector to spend more time with his sweetheart. He says: “I was very nervous but the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew that was true love.

I am a very lucky man to have found a woman like her”. Iris plans to sell her house to move with her husband to Bristol or Birmingham. “He wants to come here to take care of me. All I want is for us to be together,” she concludes.

The age difference, a taboo that persists

Asked by our colleagues from Psychologies, the sociologist Pascal Duret explains why couples like that of Iris and Mohamed are disturbing. “These alliances are embarrassing because they thwart one of the main ideas of Romanticism: “They lived happily ever after” It is this prejudice, according to human behavior specialists, that causes these relationships to be stigmatized by society.

“Couples with a large age difference are often victims of this without this reflecting the reality” indicates the expert. Some researchers speak of an ideal age difference for a happy relationship.

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