“A radical change”: they used to look simple, but now they are luxurious.

Hollywood beauties spend a lot of money on their looks. They try to have a look adapted to their status. Many were once ordinary actresses with mediocre physique. Today, they have become real beauties.

Margot Robbie

Margot doesn’t like to talk about her plastic surgery operations. She always prefers to say that she came into the world with exquisite facial features. However, curious journalists were able to find out that Robbie changed the shape of her nose, and also got rid of bichon tufts.

Jennifer Lawrence

The change of star was smooth. Many didn’t even notice what happened to Jennifer’s appearance, but comparing the two photos, the difference is noticeable.

Lawrence has a chiseled nose, cheekbones and expressive eyes.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

It’s hard to recognize Rosie in the photo when she was young. She didn’t just have rhinoplasty, she changed her entire appearance. She has an “open” look and enlarged lips.

Megan Fox.

Megan is one of those stars who does not hide the fact that they have had plastic surgery. She is proud of the fact that she has completely redesigned herself. Today, Fox is a real beauty, the appearance of which can only be envied.

Amber Heard

Amber decided to keep pace with her colleagues and also used the services of plastic surgeons. Now the star can be proud of her nose. Amber’s cheekbones are also enviable. They stand out and look polished.

Taylor Swift

Taylor has always had pretty cheeks that suited her well. Today, there is no trace left of his cheeks. The celeb got rid of the puffballs so that her cheekbones were visible. Add to that a reshaping of the nose as well as a blepharoplasty. She now looks like a true Hollywood beauty.

Scarlett Johansson

It seems that an established beauty like Scarlett Johansson didn’t need to change anything about her appearance. She is perfect as she is. It turned out that the actress changed the shape of her nose, after which she became even cuter and more attractive.

Blake Lively

And in this celebrity’s case, it didn’t come without a rhinoplasty. Blake was able to reduce the size of his nose. She also got the desired wide look. A blepharoplasty helped her.

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