“I don’t recognize this actress”: A photo of Eva Green without makeup or treatment appeared on the network

Eva Green is now 42 and one of the most attractive women in the world. She is really superb.

She is usually offered to play the role of witches and self-confident women. However, outside of her job, Green is nowhere near as deadly as her characters.

Eva was born in Paris. Her parents earned a lot of money, so the girl received everything necessary from an early age. She has a twin sister named Joy. By the way, the mother of the future actress herself worked in this field.

Looking at little Eva, no one could tell that she was going to become famous. Yet she was still quiet and a bit downtrodden. But it was modesty that prompted the girl to participate in rather controversial projects.

She became famous thanks to the James Bond movie: Casino Royale. She was ideal for this role. By the way, the actress did not immediately agree to shoot, but she still liked the idea of ​​becoming the daughter of the most famous agent.

The last film in which she participates is Dumbo. And at the moment she is working in two more tapes.

For a long time Green could not find a worthy man, but then she found happiness in Tim Burt. She starred in several films with him.

The star is constantly working out because she loves to eat and needs to burn calories. She knows how to cook well, knows many different recipes.

Almost always, Eva steps out with a ton of makeup on her face, but sometimes she can be seen without makeup. The difference is clear.

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