‘Frankly and indecently’: Model Winnie Harlow came to a friend’s wedding in a dress that covered nothing

Despite the fact that today’s fashion is more democratic than ever, there are instances where an unspoken dress code is still worth following. For example, at a wedding.

Of course, the bride and groom themselves determine the style of the most important day of their lives and sometimes ask the guests to dress a certain way. But there are still a few rules of good taste. For example, do not dress in white, so as not to overshadow the bride. And also – do not wear too provocative and revealing outfits. Still, most weddings, especially celebrity weddings, feel like one big reception.

But supermodel Winnie Harlow doesn’t mind those old-fashioned conveniences.

Winnie is the owner of a bright appearance and a beautiful figure, which she likes to emphasize with bold outfits. We have already seen her in a short shirt dress, and in a transparent jumpsuit, and in many other provocative and unusual outfits.

At the wedding of her friend, singer Lele Pons and rapper Guaynaa, Harlow dressed in such a way that those in attendance froze upon seeing this beauty. Harlow wore a very low-cut transparent dress, embroidered with rhinestones – so short that you could absolutely see everything.

Since other guests (for example, the same Paris Hilton) nevertheless chose more classic evening outfits, Winnie looked like a white crow.

But that didn’t bother the girl at all. However, the bride was apparently not against such a friend outfit. At least they kissed sincerely enough.

“It’s just indecent to come to a wedding in such an outfit. After all, it’s not a podium.”

“She wanted to draw all the attention to herself, but in the end she just looked stupid and weird”

“If I was the bride, I would kick such a friend out of the wedding. Held too frank and indecent!

Recall that Winnie Harlow became a star after the show “America’s Next Top Model”, in which Tyra Banks, the permanent host of the TV project, invited her to participate. On the show, Winnie only took sixth place, but that’s where she was noticed by model scouts.

Despite her illness (the girl suffers from vitiligo), Winnie Harlow in the first year of her career appeared in famous publications and collaborated with famous brands. And now, a few years later, she can already be considered one of the brightest stars in the modern fashion world.

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