“Blue Twins”: Twins became famous for their uniquely beautiful eyes

There is still an amazing difference between their eyes!

There are people that get really excited and amazed when they meet twins, considering that it’s a rather rare phenomenon.

Twins Megan and Morgan Boyd, however, have something more to amaze people with. The girls have turquoise eyes, and when their photos appeared on the Internet, they immediately became popular. At that time they were 4 years old. People started calling them the “Blue Twin”.

Parents like to share photos of their children with their friends, but their photos quickly went viral on the whole world. At the moment they have over 180K followers on Instagram.

The twins were born on June 6, 2011. Stephanie, their mother, created an account special for them. She was the first to name the twins “Blue Twins”. You need to stare into their eyes to realize which one is Megan and which one is Morgan.

The pure blue eyes are typical for Megan. Morgan, on the other hand, has one of her eyes in a darker brownish color.

When they are dressed in matching clothes, they look like ordinary twins. Stephanie likes buying new clothes for her daughters and keeping their wardrobe updated. She pays a special attention to the girls’ appearance as well as their health.

The twins’ uncommon eyes captured the eye of many spectators. Some people simply robotically assume that dark-skinned people with blue eyes are wearing lenses. But these girls just have uncommon genes and it’s hard for ome people to believe that.

The mom of the blue twins, Stephanie herself has blue eyes and claims to not put on lenses.

Even though her girls at the moment are well-known online, Stephanie stays grounded.

She is conscious that Megan and Morgan’s inherent beauty can result in a profession in modeling, however she doesn’t need to stress her kids to pursue it. That’s so very sensible!

Everything shows that these cute sisters will mature and grow to be beautiful ladies.

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