“And we scold young stars..”: The Network discussed the audacious photos of 86-year-old Sophia Loren.

Many netizens like to criticize celebrities for their gaffes, both in their looks and in their personal lives. Goes particularly to those who like to publish rather spicy photos.

Immediately there are comments that there were times when the girls were more modest and natural. However, one should not think that there were not enough “interesting” images before, and only now famous people began to “highlight everything”.

At all times there have been innovative stars who were not afraid to show off, show their individuality and charm.

Take a look at these stunning images of the true icon of her time – Sophia Loren.

What is their difference compared to the publications that our stars make?

And this is a “hello” to girls who like to be photographed with unshaven armpits.

Do you think it’s elegant or not?

Why has Sophia Loren always aroused admiration, and modern fashionistas often break reviews?

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